The Pioneers September 4, 2015 16:26


Welcome to our updated website! 

Although we haven’t changed anything in the almost 20 years we have been in business, we have some exciting news! We are planning to introduce some new hemp oil body care products this fall.

Recently we met with our formulation chemist in Phoenix. He is a brilliant man, has written books on formulation chemistry, and is an expert on everything that pertains to body care products. It’s great to work with somebody we know and trust.

When we first approached him back in 1996 with our ideas, he admitted that he had never worked with hemp oil, so it would be a new experience for him as well. After developing the first samples for us, he was amazed at how wonderful and rich hemp oil was to work with. He couldn’t believe it wasn’t being more widely used, and that he had barely heard of it before then.

Today he reminds us that we were among the “pioneers” of hemp oil body care, both in the US and worldwide.

My husband Jim and I started this business because we strongly believed in promoting hemp as an environmental alternative to many other less-sustainable products. A home business also provided the opportunity to spend more time with our kids while they were growing up. Now that we have raised our three kids and sent them off to college and into the world, we are finally getting around to doing the things we have been talking about for a long time! In fact, our grown kids are now helping us come up with ideas to run the family business.

Once we get the new items into production, we’ll be updating a bit more. We’d love your input so please feel free to let us know what you think!